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Hotel Bitouni
ΕΟΤ: 0622Κ012Α0010401
tel: 26560 41217/41700
fax: 26560 41545
Metsovo zip: 44200

Best (City hotel (central location)) Epirus
Ξενοδοχείο Μπιτούνη Μέτσοβο
Our village
Metsovo is a traditional village, located on the mountains of the largest mountain line of Greece, Pindos, at an altitude of 1.150m. We are approximately 4.500 residents, mainly of Valahian origins.

In summer, the wonderful area climate is great for walks along the verdurous slopes and the traditional alleys of our village. During winter, there is a lot of snow where everyone can enjoy at the ski centers that operate in the area.

Metsovo is very famous mainly for two products, cheese products and wine. One of the most well-known cheeses is the smokes metsovone of the Tositsa Foundation and as for wines, the Katogi, produced by the Evangellos Averof family. Metsovo is also famous for its wood carvings and stone craftsmen.

Metsovo is the birthplace of national benefactors like Nikolaos Stournaris, Michail Tositsas, Georgios Averof, and the reformer of present Metsovo, Evangellos Averof – Tositsas.

We should not leave out the fact that what makes Metsovo so special is its own residents, that with their hospitality and politeness, make the visitors love our place.

The experience called Metsovo, starts now…